vannessa brianne
5 star health nut / i eat clean.
i like birds & rollercoasters.
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chipotle is amazing.
i need a new life.

June 15th

do you ever just hold your boobs for no reason

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June 12th
June 10th
i will never give up on myself.
June 10th hm
May 22nd saint claire shores
May 19th


when people seriously compliment me
it’s like
wow are you being
for real
god bless you and your family
and I hope all your dreams come true

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May 18th
May 16th
May 16th
May 13th
me anytime during the day: im tired
May 13th Happy 80th birthday grandma :) #loveyou #bestgrandmaever #happymothersday #picstitch (Taken with instagram)
May 12th
May 11th
i had an iced coffee last night

for the first time in months

god, i missed my daily visits to heaven..

May 10th
May 8th